Things that viruses can or cannot do

Do we really know at what risk we are exposed when catching a computer virus? Well we can catch a virus every time we use a floppy disk, but the virus cannot infect the computer if we do not execute the file that contains the virus. This situation also applies to emails.

Some viruses do harm to the data stored on disks destroying programs, deleting files or even formatting the hard disk. However, almost all of the viruses do not cause serious damage, but simply reproduce or display specific messages. The viruses infect programs, boot time, disk, or send emails.

Sometimes we can see the picture distorted or a somewhat odd keyboard, this may be because of the virus, because there is a software that controls the keyboard and the monitor and this may be infected. But, as soon as the virus is removed, the problem is solved.

The viruses do not infect write-protected discs or emails in text format.

If you want to stay away from viruses, you must have an anti-virus program and keep it updated. Updates are almost daily or at least weekly. There are no "viruses too new and with no antidote," the reaction of antivirus vendors is immediate in all cases.

Do not open any message or file received via e-mail from an unknown sender. In the case of known persons should also take precautions.

Be informed of how viruses operate!

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