The future of the antivirus software

The vast majority of viral infections are now due to infections by worms (programs that are transmitted through networks and the Internet) and Trojans (which typically run hidden and undesirable actions) performed most of the time via email. These viruses are triggered by the implementation of e-mail attachments or simply by reading emails received with malicious code in HTML.

It exists the possibility to appear in the future new viruses, like Nimda or Klez, which may take advantage of the existing vulnerabilities or of that can occur. Education and awareness strategies based on adequate security is the only way to prevent damage. A possible collapse of the Internet (due to traffic congestion because of the virus) does not have much support, since its boundaries tend to be more cultural and a situation of this nature have yet elements to prevent it.

Nowadays, taking into account how sophisticated these programs are, one of them may have the property not to have anything in common to his predecessors, thus forming the main cause of the damage produced. The worm Nimda and the Klez open up a whole range of possibilities and surprises that put in shake our classical protection schemes. Virus, Trojans, and worms have existed since the beginning of the current operating systems and the Internet. The contest "virus - antivirus" has its two decades and nothing indicates that is going to end

Underlining this, the virus will not only target future in computers and servers but are designed to attack smart phones and personal digital assistants. These malicious codes might even get to record conversations and send them via e-mail to other users without the consent of the owner of the unit, remove or alter statements stored in cell phones, or even change the phone numbers contained in the memory of these devices and replace them with long distance numbers, in order to generate bills and debts of enormous proportions.

Moreover, it is not unreasonable that the near-future wars between developed countries, will take place between two computer networks, exchanges and interconnected financial markets, including unmanned aircraft and satellites. In fact, while capitalism will prevail and we reach this situation, conventional weapons would come to be used only with developing countries.

In fact, some satellite television operators are touting the availability of the Internet through television. So maybe soon, along with our television we will have to buy some kind of an antivirus device. And do not think that only television will be achieved by the long tentacles of the Internet but also other appliances too.

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