Immediate security measures

The experts said that the absolute security it is impossible in IT. When speaking of a computer system "secure" is not actually meant to be inviolable, but the best experts, with the largest computer equipment, would take so long to "break it" by then the security system would already have been changed. In any security system there are always two elements in play: technology and the degree of knowledge that one has, and the human factor, with all the inherent errors and oversights.

The computer protection systems are based on the use of secret passwords. Those keywords, which must obviously be difficult to crack, usually have between six and eight characters. For example if a password consists in three letters and five numbers, the total amount of possible combination is about 1,757,600,000 options. But it happens very often that users use trivial passwords, simple words or names of relatives or friends, your own initials or numbers linked to your address, telephone number or birth date, easily discoverable.

It was internationally accepted a mechanism that has been widely distributed, the DES ( Data Encryption System) of the National Bureau of Standards United States.

The hackers are a good test bed for security systems. Globally, it is common for intruders who have gain entry into a company's business systems to end up being hired by it as advisors. The way of action of a hacker is like an escalation, which begins when the intruder enters the system through a user key. From there it starts the progressing of the knowledge of the safety programs on which the legitimate users have access.

The usual method of the intruders involves placing sniffers to smell-onomatopoeia, a type of program difficult to detect. The sniffers collect all packets that are passing through the network and review its contents to see if they carry the user's password. They suddenly capture the password of a user with more priorities, and go to work at another level. Then it begins the climb.

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