How to record a rescue disk of our favorite anti-virus software

We will see how we record our ISO image, for those who don’t know an ISO image is a file with the extension .iso, nrg (nero exclusive) and there are also a combination of 2 files bin +. cue. which is similar to an archive but with the difference about the relationships between files within the ISO.

The process is quite simple, after you download the ISO image on the desktop of your PC, you must open it with a program that records ISO images, there are many of this kind of software, but one of the best known is NERO.

Here you have the steps to record a disk image with NERO:

1.Open the Nero Burning Rom, not Nero Express cause is not a option;

2.Search the Open File Menu, look for ISO image you have stored in your desktop and select it.

3.Push the record button and start the recording process.

After you recorded the CD, you should boot your PC with the recorded disc into the drive, but you should boot from the CD instead of from the hard drive, it depends on how is your BIOS set, but for the uninitiated it is recommended to turn their computer off and then turn it back on, and look careful when the black screen and the white letters are set, look at the bottom where are the options like F8 to boot CD. Once we know what key we must use to start BIOS BOOT CD, we return to restart the PC and repeatedly press that key, until we have a menu in which we select the CD drive where our ISO image is recorded.

Once you are booted from the CD recorded, it depends on the antivirus software of which we have created the image to give us its specific options, the rule is to first update the antivirus and then scan the entire PC.

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