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When there is a need to safe guard all your data and files trust only Trend Micro Antivirus plus Anti Spyware 2010. All features like automatic scans, updates and outbreak alerts, system ongoing protection form into an effective protective unit. The user stays safe and can forget viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs and spyware. Unforeseen intrusions stay long away from the system because it is protected by proven technology powered by the PC-cillin Internet Security engine.

Catching features include prevention from any unauthorized changes, diversified and enhanced software history cleaner, latest Web browser cookie management, customizable user scans and security and adding to all these it is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista install trend. The combination of robust features that also at a very much economical price comes only with Trend Micro’s 2010 Internet Security and Internet Security Pro. Protection against virus, spyware, real time protection, quarantined file recovey, automatic updates and outbreak alerts are some of the basic features of Trend Micro Antivirus plus Anti Spyware 2010. Minimum protection is provided by basic version and for complete enhanced protection the user is recommended to buy Pro version.

20 percent faster boot times, 40 percent less RAM, downloading 25 percent smaller and 20 percent quicker scan on windows vista and xp makes its small and lightening fast.


Installation of Trend Micro is just a cake walk for the user and program gets attached to the system. When Trend Micro Anti virus plus Anti spyware 2010 is installed user will no longer require any other antivirus so an automatic removal window opens, add-on feature to this is that there is no need of rebooting after installation.

Thing which lags Trend Micro behind is that it fails to call out its Behavioral engine. The user can eiher check the installation or can opt out the behavioral program. On the other part publisher is allowed to leverage supposedly anonymous data from its customers to catch surreptitiously running threats faster isn’t brand new. This has been in the market for the past few years, it is in this year that more suits are trying to adopt it, and users are always reluctant to contribute data to the cloud which is a limiting factor.

The installation of Trend Micro’s is simple and nothing more than box and line item which will make the user to adore the antivirus. Experienced users can relish the feature of customized installation process which can make them to configure location and tweak components.

Interface and features

Refined version of Trend Micro's 2010 interface from the previous year's version, has a less dead space and pays more emphasis to the internet users and the software applications users. In the overview tab shows the status of protection with the help of colored icons green shows that the protection is on and red shows signs of danger and no protection. Similarly, the following window displays license, expiry period, updating etc.

Links are the sources to resourceful information popping out as and when required by the user. The Protection Status link paves to a window that explains in detail about the status of virus definition files, updates, firewall, unauthorized change prevention, spam filter, parental controls, and data theft prevention. Links are shown with green or red color signs of on and off along with a hidden explanation in it. Unfortunately, there's no way to get from the list to the deeper actual controls for each it's simply for toggling the status.

On the same overview tab there are options for activating the scans and updating the definition files. The default mode of scanning is quick scan the user can customize with help of drop window to switch between full or custom scans. While scanning the scan window opens and it shows all the related details about the threats and the nature, live results and an advanced option to run in background or when the user shut downs the computer after the scan. According to the customization of the user the antivirus will clean the threats automatically or on the instructions of the user. Even though the auto fix option is turned on, the antivirus will give detailed explanation of the actions taken through a window after the scan.

The Virus and Spyware Controls tab has in itself four drop-down menus. The first one guards your real time downloads for real-time viruses and spyware, leveraging the aforementioned behavioral heuristics. The user can avail the option to switch this option off through advanced features window, and a white list/blacklist link that also allows for cookie control.

Minute controls of installations are controlled with the help of The Prevent Unauthorized Changes drop-down menu. So here if user runs any programs which are not recommended by the publisher the guard will stop installation so the user has to turn this feature off before installation of such programs. The following tab is used for configuration of all scheduled scans and custom scans. It's bizarre fact that this key feature becomes a key buried deep in the interface. The user has to still update the schedules since the scheduler only controls the scans. There's another scheduler for that, in another part of the program. After the scheduler, follows the Quarantine, which categorizes the quarantined files as viruses, spyware, and Trojans.

More information on your Trend Micro subscription, Automatic Updates and a definition file scheduler is brought by the settings tab. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network allows to controls the behavioral information your computer, submitting security warning pop-up controls, also allowing password protection to keep Trend Micro from being used by others, and logs access. However it is mediocre to note that the update scheduler can't be set by the user to search for updates in the internet for more than an hour.

User are obsess with features which are only included in the pro version such as protection for mobile phones; the Trend Micro toolbar, which is used for installations on Internet Explorer and Firefox; a system tuner for recovering disk space and drives; and a a key and vital password-protected vault which is used to seals if your computer in case of theft or unauthorized access to the system. The mobile protection in the pro version is available only for Symbian and Windows Mobile phones. The main reason for that is there are different mobile phones with varied configurations which require different setups. After the computers the mobile pones are the next gadgets which require some serious protection.


Navigation and surfing through Trend Micro will not display any problems to the naked eye certain small issues did appear. Even though the default browser is different it will open internal links to some other web browsers. The links were also a bit sluggish to get open on either browser.

CNET Labs' benchmarks stated that all three versions of the Trend Micro's 2010 had an unbalanced affect on computer efficiency and performance. Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware led to a decrease in the boot times by some 4 seconds or so, while Trend Micro Internet Security made the boot time to slow by 1.5 seconds. The paid version of Trend Micro’s Pro version also created a slow down shutdown by nearly mighty 8 seconds. The basic AntiVirus slugged the shutdown time by just less than a second, and Internet Security to it altogether added 1.65 seconds addition.

The benchmark which was set for the Trend Micro's complete scan was quite sluggish and slow with Internet Security Pro and AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware tools taking about 19 minutes, and the standard Internet Security taking 20 minutes. The no particular standard fixed for quick scan mode which is compared favorably with industry standards comes to around 53 seconds. The full scan took an average amount of time, at 1 hour and 28 minutes.

On processor-intensive tests the results were very much un balanced for the Trend Micros and on MS Office tests, the Pro suite was again rated as slowest, which was led by the stripped-down AntiVirus. The basic suite, Trend Micro Internet Security, was the fastest of the three, running an average of 18 seconds slower. This was the same when the pattern repeated with Cinebench tests. In iTunes decoding tests all three came up with balanced similar. According to the reports of the multimedia test the basic AntiVirus was fastest among the three by around 20 seconds.

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