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PC is no longer sensitive to threats from malware, antivirus when installed with spyware doctor with Antivirus 2010. Just like a doctor healing and protecting the patient spyware doctor with antivirus 2010 heals and protects the PC from malware and virus threats. Behavioral intelligence to block new threats faster than traditional signature methods and browsing protection against web based attacks, including phising attempts, rogueware scare tactics and silent drive by downloads.

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus 7 is a pool of superb collection of malware prevention and removal tools, which is very much effective and powerful even before the malware enters and start to corrupt the files the quick scanning and multiple tools catches even the slightest of symptoms and the paid version which is solid spyware remover does the rest. This version is slightly different from spyware doctor in that it offers antivirus protection, as well as anti malware. After the installation of the antivirus the system is required to be rebooted and the program will start scanning for malware. The scans are ven faster and taken only 5 minutes of the time and it will automatically categorize problems such as trucking cookies as low-level threats. The removal of threats requires purchasing of a license is further added start scan tab offering an Intelli scan, full scan and a custom scan. Intelliguard tab provides access to sub guard such as Behavior, Brows, cookie, ‘Email, File, Immunizer, Network, Process, site and startup.

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is also equipped with some resourceful setting options such as a gaming mode, the option to such a scan at start up etc. Root kit scans are off as in default settings. Due to its unique combined and pooled antivirus and anti malware toolsets it stands feet ahead of the competitors such as Norton and Kaspersky. Spyware Doctor with Antivirus retains the harsh rest functions of its better known sibling, which makes it harden to evaluate before purchasing. One of the programs that are used as protection tool to safeguard the system might themselves turn into a malwar or sphyware, but PC tools spy ware doctor with antivirus does exactly what it says and keeps security of the users system as a prime motive.

Straight after installation spyware doctor with Antivirus starts the “Intelliscan” which is the preliminary check of the system for bad files, which takes place at a surprisingly fast rate gives excellent results. To fix the problems found registration key is required. According to the users instructions spyware factor with Antivirus performs a deeper, full scan or intelli scan. User can make a schedule of scans, automatically and after fixing problems, the system will be rebooted and scanned again. On a laptop it will postpone resource hungry tasks when on battery power. It also installs a range of effective guards, to protect against malicious websites, and attacks.

If the search is on for an effective anti spyware and virus protection application, then search no more.

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