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If the words viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, or bots brings fear and threat to the minds then the word Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 will bring relief and protection. Comprehensive phishing and identity theft defense and superfast performance are some of the many features of the antivirus. Other features are Kaspersky iSwift and iChecker scanning which automatically adjusts scanning as your activities calls for superfast performance with efficiency. The antivirus has in built Virtual Keyboard (On-screen keyboard) which keeps completely secure data entering. Internet user need not worry about further about the external threats from the net globally due to presence of all new Kaspersky Security Network linking millions of participating Kaspersky users from around the globe to create a social database.

Kaspersky also has new and improved URL advisor as a plug in for internet explorer and firefox browsers which prevents the users from entering into dangerous web sites. Green as the color is a sign of complete and safe protection and the user can rest while the red one says that it is unprotected and the yellow one says that updation is required. Kaspersky Whitelisting and Application Control keeps a full access checks to all the application the user launches.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 is the latest version and is among the top antivirus available in the market today.

Along with the updated latest new features and applications the all new Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 still carries the same robust engine from the older versions; this makes it the most deadly antivirus for all the malwares, viruses and trojens.

It carries easy and basic installation process which involves uninstallation of any other antivirus already in the system and after installation rebooting. Opportunity is available to users to join Secuirty network of Kaspersky which in turn boosts up the response of Kaspersky towards new threats from the data collected from the users.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 takes the credit of a comparatively new redesigned interface, with options on the left-side menu. The new interface is clear and easy to use for the users. Two scanning modes full scan and critical area scan along with diversified tool selection create optimum customization for the user along optimum and balanced automation.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 not only takes care of your file system in real time, thanks to a heuristic-based monitor, but also your email, web browsing and even IM conversations. The downside effect of this version is that it can create possible slow downs for some periods.

All in one, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 will be optimum replacement for all computers related and web security concerns for the user offering real-time protection and lets the user to scan the system for possible vulnerabilities. It creates an optimum balance for the beginners and experienced with optimum customization and simplicity.

Upgraded new features along with the 2010 edition include a behavioral-based detection system called the Urgent Detection Sytsem (UDS). The UDS uses the anonymous data Kaspersky customers who choose to participate in submitting their system scans for analysis. Along with the installation there is a box which shows the UDS data to be read. Extensive features other than security in clued a gamer mode, virtual keyboard and auto-run disabling are the mediocre new features, combining with essential utilities like antivirus protection for files, e-mail, HTTP traffic, and instant messaging, what else there are protections against phishing, too along with the Kaspersky URL advisor.

When all these features are available with Kaspersky, then why should the user spend $20 extra for something else?

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I use Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011 and is great.
I use Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011 and is great.
Kaspersky have the biggest information about viruses, a very big database of virus signs and is extremely fast.
This application have the best detection and is not expensive he save my laptop many times.
Best free antivirus review in 2011 is free version of avg is the best free antivirus program.
What is the most effective anti virus today Kaspersky right, but kaspersky is very expensive.
The best anti virus and spyware protection is kaspersky and zone alarm firewall best protection.
What is this I just buy kaspersky with a better price and now I receive this error kaspersky activation error activation code is invalid for this region.
I receive a error message kaspersky 2011 Activation error. Activation code is invalid for this region please help.
kaspersky anivirus 2011 for server 2003 please will be really very thankful to you if give me a anivirus.
i used avast for many years and everything are ok. so far..this is a powerful antivirus as far as i know.
I did install that program and it failed to find any virus, i have the Pro version on 5 computers at my office and I hate to have something similar happen there as it would be costly indeed.
I wonder what's wrong having the free version? is that a crime? all i need it for a home use, not my business, your info is inappropriate.
Had that problem too. Scared the cr*p out of me until I realized Avast had picked up a trojan in my PC no other anti-virus software had noticed. Well done Avast,
I have a problem with Alerta_Chile.exe, help
Note that some other antivirus like BitDefender practically don't scan stuff when in game mode - luckily AVAST just doesn't show messages but still scans.
There is nothing to add. Maximum security product with hourly updates, a wide range of potentially harmful threats statements in the database, technical support, parental lock, anti-Spam control and identity theft against the filter - I have no words. Absolutely the most.
Saved by the most amazing Protection Available ANY WARE again, everybody check these products out
kaspersky the best of the best antivirus software blocks all viruses
hello how are you I have installed on my computer the kaspersky intent security 7.0 as I get free licenses from one year or lifetime someone like me can tell me.
after 4 years of using kaspersky my activation key didn't work and they refused to give me support and lost a big amount in business and lost a lot of work in a virus now they tell me your product should only work in India and i am in Saudi made me lose all the trust i had for them from 4 years till now.
i choose kaspersky in my computer because the protection is very strong, complete security and user friendly.
in my usb drive there was a virus that kaspersky detected and deleted at once, WELL DONE KASPERSKY
I had many versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and all very good
and very stable in various Microsoft Windows operating systems.
I love kaspersky specially it's Disinfecting system wow so smart my pc is safe only with kaspersky not any other antivirus Thank you kav.
Hello everybody! I just updated my kaspersky 2009 to 2010 and since the update my Ms Outlook is failing. I will be happy to share with you all, the efficiency of Kaspersky's help desk that was notified in Madrid by phone.
I got a mail from the help desk asking for a Caption of the error message, witch was sent in return to the help desk at 12.48 PM. I'm awaiting feedback since then
Did Kaspersky make a new version without thinking of us Office 2000 users? After exchanging mails today with tech support I was advised to upgrade to a more recent Office package, which is not in my plans. I consider that an antivirus program of today should still be compatible with Outlook 2000, if not it is not an antivirus I am interested in using. Which would be sad after three years of using Kaspersky. I have obviously notified tech support that I want another solution.
Outcome of my Kaspersky 2010 issue: third day, I got tired of waiting for a final solution from tech support and called Kasperskys main offices in Madrid to cancel my purchase and move on to other antivirus providers. I got connected to the sales manager who gave me a solution; reverse back to the 2009 version and stay updated through that platform. It is a solution though not a 100% satisfactory one, because at the end of the road Kaspersky has released a new product with a lot of bells and whistles that I cannot use because as per today the 2010 version is not compatible with my Office 2000 nor Firefox and my whole system slows down. So 6 phone calls and 10 emails later I have lost 2 days of work and I am still using the 2009 version
I wanna ask, if I installed genuine kaspersky n after certain period I wanted to reformat my pc reinstall back the kaspersky,Will this cause my license black-listed? BTW I'm using the 3 users IS thank you in advance, any who kind-hearted whom reply me
i love kaspersky i use KIS 2010 but kaspersky use to many memory in computer, i hope kaspersky 2011 want decreasing using memory in computer.
as a Kaspersky Authorized Business Partner, I am shocked at how people could openly asked for keys! Are you guys not afraid of being hunted down for s/ware piracy
no activation key here!
Urgently need the activation key for Kaspersky Antivirus and I finished the trial period, someone I can spend some
High-quality and reliable anti-virus. Powerful and high-tech product! I changed the crappy ESET, at Kaspersky. I immediately saw the quality of protection! Kaspersky quickly adds new viruses.
hi, my kis 2009 alredy expired, how come i can get the activation code for 2010,
i try by uploading, but it's doesn't work, please tell me how can i get this activation for free.
Why not buy a license if you really like Kaspersky. We all know that this is the best protection, so I bought a license for one year and I have no more problems with the blacklist and other.
kaspersky IS v7.x is the best and easiest and coolest version of all version, even better than v.2010
virus circulating on FB. It arrives as a post and/or message from one
of your friends. It directs you to "look at this" and there is a link
with long string of 0s numbers, etc. DO NOT OPEN IT. You friend did not
send it. It contains a virus that will infect your computer. PLEASE
Kaspersky better product. Excellent, file anti-virus. Excellent web antivirus. Fast reaction to threats. For example, a pitiful semblance of ESET antivirus. I saw this in person. Kaspersky choice of professionals.
Is the secure disk kav 2010 right? Restart few time your computer when the disk in case and he will automatic.
kaspersky ANTIVIRUS not running in my computer after plug my flash disk
Choose, KAV or KIS. All depends on the level of protection necessary to you. If you, well understand the computer and the Internet. Observe safety rules. You have enough KAV. If you badly understand these questions use KIS.
Why do you want to install both, kis includes antivirus and you must not install any two security programs which are resident use only single product , and KIS 2010 is rocking.
Can we install kas 2010 as well as kis 2010 if yes How?
kaspersky regularly updates the black list files, you can never be sure whether it will be blacklisted or not, so either use trial reset for KIS or if you need trend micro Internet security 1 year free.
Trend micro isn't that bad at all. Years ago it was really bad. MaAffee, F-prot ruled the world
Kaspersky is in the majority of the countries of the world. Research centers Kaspersky worldwide. Kaspersky very quickly reacts to any kinds of threats.
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