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Avg antivirus comes to serve the personal issues as one of the most Compaq antivirus available.

Even though it is not embedded with wide range of tools on liabilities as other antivirus software does , it makes up for it by offering a clean and effective protection which says silently installed in your system and pops up only when the reed comes.

AVG antivirus is one of the intelligent antiviruses featuring real time system protection against viruses, spyware and malware, in the background, without disturbing system resources or bothering two users with update messages and warnings. You can just get along with your work without even noticing the protection shield of AVG Antivirus. Even user is not disturbed by the big screen encouraging buying AVG professional, which may among the more sensitive users.

Some features include virus protection, spyware, email scanner, special plug-ins for office and a browser toolbar allowing the user to surf the web safe and clear. The only change which happens to the system is that it changes the default browser to yahoo and also customizes the new tab page, but even this can be cancelled by the user.

Every day new viruses are discovered which forms a serious threat to the user since the new ones are not caught by the old antivirus. AVG anti virus data base is automatically updated a daily basis, even removing the smallest of threats the users system. For all average computer users it an apt security solution. A combined antivirus and anti malware engine, link scanner and email canning are the core features of AVG antivirus. Much more improved features like improvements focused on performance, faster scans, identity theft recovery unit are attached to AVG free9. Only for users in the United States, ITRU is a business partnership with identity guard which provides “consumer identify theft solutions”, accessible only from the AVG toolbar infirefok and internet explorer.

The interface used is the same as the last version because it is easy to use and handle. The same old double click from the main window to get further information on any feature, whether virus scanning, link scanner setting, or updating. Both scans and updates are automated by the AVG on the instructions of the user, the upgrade and at the screen’s button can be easily hidden using the hide notification button. Scanning can be done in the three modes slow, Automatic and fast scans user can also take the advantage of scan optimization which is recommended during installation to speed up the first scan. Still if any virus create serious problem, AVG itself creates a rescue disk to scan the computer is MS- DOS mode.

AVG also has a link scanner feature protecting the user from third party code exploits before they load in your browser and it also ranks the search results.

CNET Labs have found that scanning or when running in background with the system will show down systems boot time, and delaying shutting down, but still AVG will not alter your system when scans are running along with other programs. Even though it is not among the fastest of antivirus available but it is very powerful and gets the job done for its users which is more important for the users.

The users can avail the free antivirus protection tool with AVG Antivirus free edition. Even the highest security can be maintained with this free edition with the support of rapid virus database updates.

The latest version 9.0 edition is even faster, easier and safer to use fostering solid protection for your basic security needs. In addition to this version 9.0 is equipped with basic anti root kit protection which ensures protection against sophisticated hidden threats.

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Joseph mungurey
I Like using avg but the problem is that it needs to be updated after a short time
When I want to install avg I receive invalid binary file avg error I try older versions the same problem.
Avg free keeps asking for code number I can't use it anymore I reinstall it 3 times.
I love this Antivirus, is the best.
I have one question about Anti-Virus for phone. Do we really need to have an anti-virus in our phones? Otherwise, is it a good way to use anti-virus in computer to check the malware from phones by insert the phone memory card into the computer.
Actually Justin you could have booted into safe mode, installed Malwarebytes, and gotten rid of that in 5 minutes. Doesn't do you much good now, but it's good to know if you ever need to do it again. It's much less hassle.
I had something that was like Vista Internet Security that tried to make me buy it, it auto installed on my computer and kept saying I had viruses and wouldn't let me go on the internet because it said I was not protected xD I had to format my computer :3 Well my fault for not having my Firefox Adblock On XD But that was months ago :3
Avg could have done so as to eliminate and protect children against the parties who steal from the people and who have opinions about the use of bad practice in the acquisition and use of fraudulent users of personal data of those persons. Customers able to report such sites, and one would you be also be added in order to improve safety on the internet for us and the children.
Well, to the people who steal the information it's certainly a valuable investment of their time. unfortunately these cyber crimes are very lucrative. Due to how simple it is for these crimes to cross many state and country borders and the current lack of cooperation between some nations on prosecuting these criminals it's a very attractive crime to these criminals. They know which countries won't cooperate with authorities and take advantage of that, placing their servers and routing their attacks through those countries, making it more difficult to track them down, put a stop to their attacks, or prosecute them for their criminal actions.
It shows the virus only when I plug my pen drive on my laptop and not on desktop as they both have the same AVG 9.0.
and yes it can remove the virus it detects but the virus comes again when I replug my pen drive on my laptop.
I tried the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and removed 48 infections, that I never knew I had:) It never did detect the Trojan horse Downloader.Generic8.BGR., which is good, because I read on the internet that it is a false threat from others who have played the Enigma album in their pc's. So Grateful:) Thanks for the tips, I can use all the protection I can get on here.
The paid version includes Rootkit scanning as one of it's many features, but even then rootkits can be difficult to find and remove, they're meant to be by their very nature.

In fact my information security textbooks discuss rootkits and states that the only sure way to remove a rootkit is to re-install the operating system. They're nasty little buggers. If AVG can't catch it you may need to run combofix. You should be able to get rid of it without having to reinstall the operating system though.
I'd like to avg icon in the toolbar has included information on whether the site is real or are suspected phishing or dangerous because sometimes phishing is worse than an active threat is a threat because the virus can destroy us once the system is a scam phishing can do us harm if we give too much data
I just did a scan on Malwarebytes and it found 152 threats..I was like really? My computer is usually virus and threat free but I don't know what had happened? Thanks for the advice as well! It got rid of those 152 threats so I think that I am good now.
it is nice to have a computer and all that, but with younger children in their teens or younger doesn't really know much about the internet. what Phineas and Ferb does in that video which I have seen like a dozen times before on my TV is that they do a great job in informing the young ones about the internet and they are right about everything and you will never know who you meet online. This video is a great educational tool even parents need to keep their young ones informed and keep a good anti-virus/anti-spyware software on their computer. i am always keeping my nephews informed about who they meet online. one thing that i sometimes keep telling them is that when you have a chat messenger like yahoo messenger for example set up a code between you and your real friends from school, so that way you and your friends know that code and know who you are and your friends are. but sometimes friends can turn into your enemies behind your back and don't chat online with someone you personally don't know. As parents, aunts, and uncles is to keep our young ones informed about the internet. i am a former police officer and i have seen so many young ones get kidnapped and then either die or get abused by the criminals who abuses them or ends up killing them. it is too bad we can't share this video with our friends here on face book.
It's great if you have AVG to protect you, there technology scans a website for infections before you are able to actually get on the website, this is unmatched in the Security Product industry
The biggest flaw with security is people. People can easily get tricked to thinking something is genuine because it ma copy the look and 'features' of a genuine program such as the Microsoft Security Center. Once a user allows a virus onto there machine it's very difficult for a anti-virus to do it's job because the user 'allowed' the infection onto there system. Anti-virus is just a prevention.
AVG Internet Security offers you 'Complete' protection, I've got it myself and it far exceeds other Internet Security programmers from other vendors! I'd quickly snap up the offer.
AVG is rated as the fastest antivirus on many of the websites I've looked into and out of personal experience. I recommend running less programs while scanning or adding another GB of ram to your computer. Both of these options will allow you to have a greater AVG experience.
Some people like to combine a full time scanner like AVG with an on demand scanner. But having two full time scanners can cause issues.
Scan with the AVG Rescue CD will help people allot. Since the booting will be from that, any viruses on your system won't have a chance to load. You can get more details about it on the AVG TV tab from AVG team.
My great Layers of defense is AVG Free-9 which I loaded in my PC and Firewalled. It is unfortunate AVG Free-9 has got a bit lacking in complex threat detection.Please have a look compassionately and consider the desire of blind AVG Free Anti-virus users if possible.Thanks AVG authorities for kind instructions.
AVG Anti-Virus is better than Norton Antivirus or McAfee Antivirus ?
AVG is the best and fastest anti virus and does not even take hardly any ram and does not take any CPU usage when not being used and when it is its hardly anything this is the best anti-virus and far way better then any other anti virus i have seen
AVG automatic updates not working. I always get a server connection failure update and, whilst i can get the files manually and "update from directory" I'm never too sure which file/s I need.
If your antivirus is not updated automatically please Go to AVG -> Tools -> Advanced settings. On the left field find Update tab and click on it. Check if the following settings are ticked: Update immediately, and all the boxes should be ticked in Additional update options too. If you're using.
Did you know that AVG toolbar on IE is a part of AVG installation package. so if you install AVG Anti Virus Free Edition, u will get AVG toolbar too installed on ur IE browser, AVG search has SearchShield which protect user when searching on internet.
There are more types of viruses that can heart computers : From my experiences there is two types first the files JPG is not infected but only turned into permanently or deep Hidden(you can see your files by setting in Folder Options)the virus only copied name of your files

Secondly the virus that injected your JPG files,you can clean it by using AVG or Malware Cleaner.
McAfee uses the total protection and it's crap... truthfully, the only way to have the best security is to have layered protection by installing the paid version of Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware. both compliment AVG very well and will keep your system protected.
Roger, it should be blocking bad sites for you. If you feel that you aren't getting this feature, please talk with AVG support team.
AVG I have the paid version of AVG BUT IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THE Active Surf-Shield IS NOT WORKING FOR ME WHY. I must admit I know nothing about a computer or how it works, any help please.
it's not just anti virus, it also has Linkscanner which protect user from malicious content when searching and surfing internet.
AVG are making us aware of programs that could either install virus' onto our pc's, or programs that have a high risk of infection if used under certain conditions. I love this antivirus team should you place them on top 1 antivirus list.
No antivirus can detect 100% of viruses or malware but avg does a pretty good job so yeah , Also do a scan with malwarebytes to make sure.
To disable the sound that appear when a virus is detected just follow this steps : Actually you can set the sounds for following actions: When scan starts and finishes, finished scan with threat found, Resident Shield alert and Online Shield alert.
To set them go to: AVG -> Tools -> Advanced Settings and on the left you'll see 'Sounds' Tab. Click on it and then Browse. You can set any sound but it should be *.wav format.
If the Resident Shield detects a virus in operation or LinkScanner detects a bad link, they pop up dialogs instead so that you can take action.
Maybe is not Ram problem, have you delete your Homepage tab on Internet Option? follow the instruction above 1st: Firefox 3.6.8 claimed easier and faster browser.
Mostly we can add keywords to your bookmarks for easier and faster access. Once you build up a large list of bookmarks, keeping track of them all can get a little messy.
Edit your Bookmark on Firefox and remove your Tags.
I had ran scans with AVG , Stopzilla, Malwarebytes and Registry Mechanic. They have found stuff but still happens my freeze problem, Possible Ram problem , hum
kaspersky found 700 viruses after uninstalling AVG you do the math
Different people may have different opinion, it's free to give an opinion, otherwise u have no legitimate and reason to judge, I have 3 AV installed (only AVG RTP activated) and 2 standalone AV on my laptop, you can guess why I rely on AVG RTP and the others only for daily scan and helps me remove malware, they are works well alongside my AVG.
I cannot download anything unless i download on my laptop, and transfer it over with a memory stick ? would that work?
I would recommend booting from the AVG Rescue CD. Can you download this and burn to a CD or thumb drive every time your computer stop working.
Well folks,AVG have now sorted out my problem with their usual very efficient and friendly manner,i am just another well pleased AVG user.
THANK YOU AVG,JOB DONE,THESE THINGS HAPPEN,BUT I AM MOST GRATEFUL FOR THE TROUBLE YOU TOOK TO SORT IT OUT FOR ME.May i thank you in advance for the free license,you really do know how to do good business,very very impressed
My AVG doesn't hog resources or slow down my computer.
anyone can become a beta tester. Just go to official website and register and sign up! Then you'll gain access to your beta tester's account and can download the beta software.
I want to be beta tester, It would be good for someone like me to be a beta tester because if I can use it, anyone can.
I could access this page at work to review this but it's blocked by K9 with is a virus. It blocks things supposedly to protect kids but you should see what it lets through.
Sounds like a dream come true until you read the EULA for every software product involved and realize there's a reason you had to go collect the installation files yourself and use the program to compile the final CD, and it's because it violated every single End User License Agreement for every product that is used. I would assume that AV companies are less likely to pursue legal action against an individual who makes the CD (they'll likely never know it was even made unless the individual advertises the fact they did so) but if these guys offered the completed boot CD they would probably get tagged teamed by several AV vendor's legal departments. A lot of people don't really have any idea that making the CD was even illegal. I just had a hunch when I looked into making one, and sure enough I found it violated every EULA I read. They of course do not tell you up front that what you're doing violates any of these companies' policies, you have to figure that out yourself
Actually SMADAV is a program which requires you to provide the installation files for multiple different AV programs, and then complies them into one single boot CD interface where you can run multiple scans from outside the OS.
SMADAV for remove local Indonesia threats and AVG for remove International threats and protection of malicious content on INTERNET,nice.
Just download the AVG installation package to ur PC and burn it to CD/DVD, then you can use the CD-DVD which contain AVG installation package to another PC. Otherwise, you can use flash drive too, it's more easier and faster removable media.
go to AVG official site always it is better than this best antivirus website.
If you suspect they are false positives you can mail them and the kaspersky team or AVG team will check and if so fix it in the next definition update, sometime happens.
I have used Kaspersky Anti Virus 2008 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 before use AVG Anti Virus 8.0 in fact, Kaspersky often made false alarm when I installed a new software Kaspersky often blocked my other AV (PCMAV), it's so annoying when I install a new software, good protection for user but not good for software developer. Otherwise, I found my laptop infected by many variant of viruses when I installed AVG Anti Virus, I still rely on AVG.
Having two Anti virus software's running at the same time can cause major conflicts between the two, but if you wish to have a secondary virus scanner on your system, I'd recommend getting a on-demand scanner which has no real-time protection. A good scanner is ClamAV.
I use phone mobile with Java power,ofter message in URL make my fb crash,if i chat online with my friend i know i attack hacker, how avg protect me attack hacker in computer automatic protect connecting my phone, sometimes hang message text code Java not connecting failure or many the other text.
Can someone from AVG please help. 2 days ago update failed due to invalid binary file, I tried and tried to update without success. I thought I should uninstall then reinstall AVG again. For 2 days without success it failed to install to my computer. Last night eventually I had my AVG back, this morning when updates were being performed, the same thing has happened, eg, invalid binary file. I am at a loss what to try next. Can anyone help please, thanks.
I have not use Avast yet, but I have bad experience when used Norton, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda and Comodo AV on my Windows Vista OS, then I got AVG installed and warning of threats pop up forced me to clean the infected files on my laptop.
Now i use AVG in my PC because my antivir is problem, many problem when i use antivir free or premium, then i use AVG 8.5 but it can make my computer slow and hang, then i download AVG 9.0. and now i always update AVG. AVG 9.0 is better than AVG 8.5 and antivir.
Any modern electronic system is a valid and easy target for terrorist malware. The worlds banks are being systematically robbed on a daily basis and any insurgent knows this is the way in to wreck the western economies and destabilize the worlds finances,they are only feeling their way at the moment so we must be as ruthless as possible in our countermeasures,they either work for/with us or disappear,no prisoners, use AVG
I think sometime it's need a time to do a research and analyze on suspected file/software, that's for feedback, submitted suspicious file and improvement advice is needed for anti virus team, I don't like to change AV often either
From my professional experience, AVG far exceeds all other anti-virus protection programs, most slow down a system, but AVG use very little resources without compensating protection. Choose AVG
The information about AVG could be more accessible to users, be it more multi-language. A lot of interesting and the helpful information it is accessible only in English.
well basically out of all the other Anti-Virus I've ever tried or used, Avg for me, seems to have a quicker response in discovering and eradicating viruses off my pc, then again I could be wrong, but I still stick to my opinion
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