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Avast Antivirus is designed in such a way that would cater the needs of the average customer who wants easy to use protection for basic email and web surfing. Protection is enabled in the form of protective layers which work together to form an effective unit. New features like top detection and increased efficiency will reduce the computer memory requirements allowing home and non commercial users to experience high level security. 40 percent faster scans complete rootkit protection, boot time scans are some of the varied features of Avast. The latest 5.0 version has new interface with easy adjust settings, a context sensitive help menu and graphs showing ongoing protection activities. Avast is completely user friendly where the user can set the time and conditions for complete scans. Avast gets in the shows of the user turning the computer on from liberation for midnight scans and then putting it back to bed for a secured sleep. Even the smallest symptom of the malwane is detected and system modifications are made.

Series of beta versions paved way to the latest long awaited version 5 which offers a complete and easy way of protection from viruses, infections, hijackings and more. Latest avast 5 is upgraded with wealth of information than the previous one. The first screen itself has all the options neatly displayed on the left side.

Avast 5 are also compatible with even windows 7, the latest operating system of windows. The upgraded features are detailed tools analysis stats, silent made that prevents the program from displaying desktop notifications which is simply great while the user is playing games and a few visual and performance tweaks. Latest Behavior shield monitors your system in all time and warns you if avast detect any suspicious behavior.

Avast! 5 also allow the user to choose between difficult scanning modes, filters to exclude certain folders and support for scheduled updates.

Users who are looking for perfect yet comparatively light weight antivirus that does its job efficiently, Avast! Free Antivirus is the apt choice. It comes to the users with a list of freeware antivirus applications, providing similar protection of well-known, costlier antivirus programs. Avast is the only one in the category which is both economical and effective.

Avast Free 5, popularly termed as the Home Edition, protects the user with multiple guards. The system is protected with security guards such as antivirus, antispyware and heuristics engines protecting the system day and night from all the malware and virus programs. The adjustable mail and file system shields join the pre existing behavior. When the Behavioral shield is added silent gaming made and an “intelligent scanner” turns out to be the most effective tools to secure the system. Avast 5 leaves the entire traditional music player default look, which looked confusing with the latest interface, Slack UI that new user should find far more manageable. AVG friendly explorer style mitigation buttons facilitates the new users in case they don’t remember where they tweaked a particular setting.

The USP of Avast which separates it from Symantec and Microsoft programs is the independent third party testing. Avast 5 free lack features in the paid upgrade including antispam measures, a testing sandbox, a script shield and a firewall. Avast Free 5 is free for the user but not free of all features.

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I have windows Vista 6b bits and avast not working.
If you want to install the latest version please remove 4.8 first to avoid any conflicts. It would be advisable to actually use the Avast Removal Tool from the Website, but I have had it work fine with the normal uninstaller. Unlike some of teh competition, Avast! usually uninstalls just fine.
avast have scre*ed up big time download was from there own site before now it redirects and the new download site is corrupt as sh*t and screwed up my laptop shame was good for years, utility uninstall is crap it makes no difference.
Contact the Avast support team, we can't help you, you need to reinstall avast.
Need s phone number or email add? my computer was repaired and my avast pro-anti-virus is OFF line, can't get it back
I clicked to download the Anti-Virus program from download com - I am a fan of the program and it was time to renew - however, it downloaded the Professional Security program onto my computer, froze it up, cost me about half of what a new computer would cost to get it running again, I want a refund, they said it was a trail but they have charged Visa for a program I don't have.
Nope paid have antispam which removes annoying emails, plus a firewall which protects you from hackers, Sandbox which is a place where you can run programs safely and many others..
The paid version uses the SAME Virus Database than the free version. It means: paid or not you get the SAME protection.
There is a free version, and a 30 day trial of the pro version, plus suites.
I'd download the installer file to a USB drive, using another computer, personally. If your firewall is active the chance of getting malware is much reduced, but I wouldn't be so happy going online without an AV.
If your viruses are not deleted by AVAST most likely its bad, if Avast doesn't catch it on the scan than you may want to try Malwarebytes its completely free!
If you are a gamer please try right-clicking the icon in the system tray, and selecting "gaming mode" Seriously, if you are getting that many messages, something is wrong with how you browse the net, or your firewall isn't on, or you have changed the default settings.
I already have Avast ;) but the virus is not on my pc it is on fb. I have not heard anything yet, not sure if it stopped.
I was using Firefox recently. At the beginning, it's OK. But, the slow down phenomenon is quite similar afterwards. Despite I reinstall the Windows, I would like to find a solution to rectify my PC.
when it went to download.com, it had me install the simplified Chinese before I could finish the download. I use download.com pretty regularly and have never had to install a language pack.

As far as the deleted comment, I had completed my original post in a comment and it's gone. I don't know what happened to it but it's gone.

AVG is more than 'better than nothing', as I said, I've used it for 8 years and haven't been caught by a virus yet.
I once had avast is just two times in a row, I deleted important files from the windows and when I switched to AVG antivirus is not nothing to me, it crashes in addition to viruses and rootkits
A sand box is a special feature on avast Internet security that prevents programs like Internet explorer getting viruses into our computer.
, i discovered the same thing early this year, thought i needed a new laptop, turned out that it was just AVG slowing things down beyond comprehension. at the recommendation of a Canadian friend, i uninstalling AVG, installed avast!, and found that my old Acer still had a lot of life in her.
Speed of download depends on the Internet provider.
You can download the installation file, save it on flash drive and transfer it on your home computer.
thanks for sharing with your opinion.
Please bear in mind, that number of downloads is not the same as number of registrations and actual number of users. avast! has been already registered by more than 100 million users all over the world.
hi I'm a computer technician i suggest that if you have a copy of your O.S or operating system CD/installer you can repair your OS..!!!
and yours system files in your c: will back and if not maybe you have a copy of backup cd files, that you can use to recover and fix your problems.
i don't know why another antivirus uses an umbrella icon, it looks really bad and boring, antivirus is created to prevent computer from a virus, not to evade the rain.
i got a virus from my school ,using usb flash drive, avast 4.8 detect it as threat but every-time i try to delete it my pc will restart it self.
the Home Edition is also very efficient and totally free! if i were you i would give it a try
Remember that we do not recommend to have two versions of avast! antivirus installed at the same time. Please contact our technical department, they will advice you what to do.
there is no need to install both avast! IS and Free on one machine. avast! IS offers exactly the same basic protection, as avast! Free Edition. Additionally avast! Internet Security provides you with extra futures as Sandbox
Indeed we are running a special campaign encouraging our users to upgrade to avast! 5 Edition earlier. Therefore you can see the pop-up already now. We strongly recommend to upgrade to avast! 5 Edition. If you do not wish to upgrade to avast! 5, please register again, insert the license into a program and you will not the pop-up anymore
Avast has always protected me and continues to consistently protect 100% from every danger in the ring.
One thing i can suggest, in scan option , u can select removable drive scan, Avast scan all removable drives too
you may combine with malwarebytes or superantispyware with avast to scan malware. They are able to catch very significant malware.
hm when i run the scan there's only detect that 1400 more registry is infected and error.But the file ntldr and ntldf is still undetected and after scan i can delete it,but suddenly it come again.I try to use safe mode,but it was disabled by virus,
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